6 Ways Women Business Leaders Can Avoid Making Employees Miserable

I pride myself in having  a heightened sense of “women’s intuition”.  Women business leaders can benefit not only from their intuition but by using their feminine sensitivity.

Suzanne Lucas raises a great question in a recent article, “Are you trying to make your employees’ lives miserable?”

From her article, here are 6 simple ways to use your feminine sensitivity to avoid it:

1. Build consensus around your decisions.

Instituting an unpleasant policy without explanation or input makes everyone unhappy.

2. Don’t ignore your bad employees.

Don’t  ignore the problems of a bad employee; this will make your good employees unhappy.

3. Don’t make blanket changes rather than deal with the problem.

Deal with the perpetrator of a problem – don’t subject the entire team to a lecture/action based on the behaviour of one bad employee.

4.Don’t make employees suffer in bad times, but not profit in good times.

Employees are willing to suffer in bad times to maintain their jobs and save the company.  But when things pick up and you’re still using the austerity program you set up last year, your employees will resent you.

5. Don’t hold your good employees back.

Make sure that you support the professional growth of employees. This will keep them happy and more likely encourage their loyalty to you and the company.

6. Don’t think only of the customers and not the employees.

Customers generally come first.  But not all customers are worth keeping and some will drive off your best employees.  Before you accept their unreasonable demands, think about how many good employees you are pushing out the door.

In summary you have the feminine power of being sensitive to issues. You can avoid having unhappy employees but you also have the ability to improve the overall experience in the workplace.

I would encourage you to read Suzanne Lucas’s entire article, Are You Trying to Make Your Employees’ Lives Miserable? | BNET.



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